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Your pretty face

How would you like to live 400 years in the future? Or even better – how would you like sponsoring us in 400 years? We might seem greedy, but it’s not like it sounds.

In Terraforming Mars, we’ll have a card named “Sponsors”. Here is how it looks now.

We want a new image for this card, and this is your chance to make a difference for the future! If you take a picture (fairly high resolution) and send it to us, we’ll choose one of all submitted images in about 2 weeks time. All you need to do is to gather 2-4 friends, suit them up, give them a neutral background and a white board (approx 60×120 cm – we have already prepared a sponsor check to be photoshopped on the white). Say cheese!

(Send your submission to

EDIT: The winner of this competition was our brother Isaac Fryxelius, who gave the card this new look: