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Wilderness trailer and mass-production!

We happily announce that Wilderness – A Game of Survival will be massproduced within a few months. We expect it to appear in stores before summer world-wide. This is a huge step for us, and we sincerely hope that our game will entertain thousands.
At the same time, we release the official trailer of the game, which can be seen below;

Wilderness Trailer

As a small company, we take a big risk with this project. Because of this, you have a possibility to do all these things in 1 simple step;
1. Get a copy of Wilderness sent home to you at a discount price
2. Get it BEFORE it appears in stores world-wide
3. Help us with the production
4. Increase the publicity of our project, allowing us to reach more people.

Sounds tempting? By clicking the link below, you will be directed to our project site. If you donate money to our project, you will be rewarded with, for instance, a copy of the game as soon as it is produced (the amount donated to recieve a game is less than the game will cost in stores). At the same time, you aid us economically, reducing the risks for us and securing our future work.
If you cannot help by donating (think of it as a discount pre-order), we will be most thankful if you would spread the word. Share this project on facebook, twitter or any other community as well as with friends and family!