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Where the mist is grey

Noctis Labyrinthus is one of the great marvels of Mars, with canyons 6 km deep criss-crossing a vast area, and connected to the great Valles Marineris (10 km deep and long enough to cross the USA!). In Noctis Labyrinthus, ice clouds form regularly inside the protecting canyons. This is a great place for a city, and a great site for terraforming experiments, especially for developing new plant strains in this relatively moist place.

Noctis City is special because it has a reserved area on the game board. No other tile may be placed there, which creates an interesting twist on the tile placement in that region. It is also located near the equator, allowing for somewhat better conditions (higher temperatures) for plant growth. This is represented by plant resources as placement bonuses, as printed on these areas. Being so deep, Valles Marineris can also be filled with water, creating an even more interesting neighborhood for Noctis City.
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