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Web Shop Update

For a long time, we’ve been negotiating a decent shipping contract for the US. Well, we’re still negotiating, but we’ve got so many requests from US customers that we felt compelled to offer shipping at the prices we do have. We’ll try this out for a week or two, and if it works well, we will also add more countries.

The shipping cost for a package up to 1kg is 200 SEK (approx $20).
The shipping cost for a package up to 2kg is 300 SEK (approx $30).
We cannot send packages over 2kg at this point.
We also offer untracked shipping for the smallest packages only containing promo cards. For up to 100 grams (enough for both promo packs), shipping is 50 SEK (approx $5). For up to 250 grams (enough for more sets of the promos), shipping is 88 SEK (approx $9).

The weight of each item can be seen under the “Additional Information” tab on the respective product page.

Hopefully, these prices will become better soon and hopefully, we’ll have prices for heavier packages. But for now, we just wanted to say: welcome to our web shop, dear Americans!