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Vote for TM!

Hello all! We’re back from our holidays with more energy and enthusiasm than ever. 2016 will be a great year for FryxGames, and we hope you want to share this year with us and our games. You can make a difference already, since Terraforming Mars was nominated the most anticipated economy game and science game in 2016! The list can be found on BoardGameGeek, and reveals all nominated games in 33 categories. Nominations are now closed, and voting is only allowed until January 24th, so hurry up and vote! To vote, mark the games you think are the best in each category (each item has a checkbox to the left of the name), and then click “vote” below all lists. And tell your friends! Together we can spread the news about this game all over the earth, maybe even to Mars!

NOTE: You need to be a BoardGameGeek user to vote. Becoming a member is free of charge and lets you rate games and participate in said polls and contests.