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Terraforming Announcement!

”Since its inception in 2174, the World Government has continually strived for global unity and peace. Our mission is to be humanity’s shared tool for shaping a better future.
Earth is overpopulated and resources are dwindling. We now face the choice either to recede, or to expand into space to find new homes for humanity. For this reason, we need to turn Mars into a habitable planet.
The terraforming of Mars is an endeavor so great that it will take the united effort of mankind to accomplish. The World Government will therefore inaugurate a Terraforming Committee, and instate a universal tax for this purpose. Any corporation or enterprise contributing to the terraforming process will be generously rewarded by the Committee. We believe that these measures will, eventually, result in a habitable planet for our descendants. Thank you for your attention!”
– Levi Uken, World Government communicator, January 16, 2315 AD.


FryxGames is proud to present our partners for Terraforming Mars, as well as the release schedule!

Our main partner is Stronghold Games, who will carry the English edition of the game.
We will also have a Polish edition and partner in
Finally, we at FryxGames will have English copies to sell at conventions.

We welcome our partners with warm hearts and great anticipation, and we very much look forward to the release, which is planned for GenCon in August 2016. After that, distribution will commence, and we expect Terraforming Mars to be a highlight at Essen Spiel in October, too.

In celebration of this announcement, we have uploaded new card images, published the player boards, presented the new box (see above), and posted the final rules. Visit BoardGameGeek and stroll around for more information.