Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we see major delays in shipping to countries outside EU. Packages to the US, for instance, cannot go by air at this time, so takes several more weeks to reach the customers.

We only sell to the countries listed in the Country dropdown in the checkout section, which includes many – but not all – European countries. A recent update also allows shipping for up to 2kg packages to the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan. Payment is made in advance via credit card or Swish (for Swedish customers), and delivery is normally accomplished within 5 work days in Sweden, and normally within 2 weeks for shipping in Europe. We use DHL Service Point for shipping, which means that you will be prompted to pick up the package from a nearby DHL service point provider.

For shipments outside Europe it may take longer. 

If you choose to use an untracked shipping method (available for the smallest packages to allow decent shipping rates), we do not take responsibility for lost packages, but our experience is that packages very rarely get lost.

We store your contact information for our shipping services, and to track refunds and other follow-up issues your order may lead to.

By purchasing items in our web shop, you agree to these terms and conditions.