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Symbiotic Fungus

Hello again!

Now it’s time for another card and this time it’s… mushrooms! Again.

Well, with over 200 different cards, some of the cards are bound to be a bit similar. Can you imagine how many different kinds of bacteria there are? Anyway, we all like mushrooms, don’t we? 😉

Last time we promised you a card that would work together with Decomposers. Believe it or not – Symbiotic Fungus can work symbiotically with Decomposers, not only adding 1 microbe on Decomposers when played, but also adding 1 each generation as an action! Wow! Won’t you look at that! Now you don’t actually need to play any bio cards to get decomposers – you just wait for them to accumulate with the help of the helpful Symbiotic Fungus. You first have to wait until it’s warm enough for them to thrive though.

Not impressed? Well, there are of course cooler things you can do with Symbiotic Fungus…