Space Station Cards

All cards and money bills in Space Station. Flavor text is given in italics.


Core Module (6): [Structural = red] Supports 1 crew. Immune to damage. 6 MC -> Gain 1 crew and turn this card over. 4 exits.

Cut-off part: When building a new module to your station, place it as shown here, with its entrance-arrows connected to the first modules exit-arrows.

Enhanced Core Module (back side of Core Module): [Bio= green] Supports 2 crew. Immune to damage. 4 exits. Now with double-phased carbon dioxide splitters.


Modules (3 of each)

X=no exit, L=exit left, U=exit up, R=exit right.

Structural (red)

  • Command Center: LUR. Crew + 3 MC >> Build any module for free from here. Captain on the bridge!
  • Storage: X. At the beginning of each year you gain +2 MC. Stockpiled reserves.
  • Dormitory: LUR. Supports 1 crew. Basic sleeping compartments.
  • Junkyard: UR. Any turn, you may discard a card from hand as an action. Keeping the trash in the right place.
  • Airlock: R. Repair actions cost -1 MC. I’ll go out and take a look at it.


Support (orange)

  • Technical Support: LUR. The basic cost of this module is 5 MC (instead of 6 MC). Expanding the station core structure.
  • Robotic Arm: LR. Any turn, you may move an exterior module on this station to a new connection as an action. Let’s put it over here.
  • Workshop: U. Crew >> Repair 1 damage on this station. There you go! As good as new, sir.
  • Shipyard: X. Requires a Support module to build. 2 crew >> +1 VP. For future ventures.
  • Extra Docking Port: X. The cost of building modules on this station is -1 MC. Facilitates new deliveries.


Bio (green)

  • Living Quarters: LUR. Supports 1 crew. Spacious personal compartments.
  • Life Support: U. Supports 2 crew. Artificial ecosystem online.
  • Recycling Center: L. Supports 1 crew. Crew >> Discard 1 card from hand and draw 1 new card. Efficient use of limited resources.
  • Greenhouse: X. Supports 4 crew. Large scale food and oxygen production.


Scientific (blue)

  • Education Center: LUR. Crew >> draw 1 card. Listen up, space cadets!
  • Library: U. When drawing new cards for the year, draw +1 card. A literary advantage.
  • Lab: R. Crew >> draw 2 cards. With all the latest equipment.
  • Observatory: X. Crew +2 MC >> Take 1 event from discard pile into hand. Look! There’s another station! I wonder what’s going on there…


Luxury (yellow)

  • Garden: U. Supports 1 crew. Crew >> Next year, this module provides 2 crew instead of 1. Providing fresh air and relaxation.
  • Gym: L. Protects this station against Unfit Crew. Crew >> +1 MC. Strength will fade in zero gravity. So will sporty looks.
  • Galleria: UR. Requires a [bio] module to build. Crew >> +2 MC. Souvenirs, t-shirts and luxury goods, all tax-free.
  • Casino: X. Crew >> +1 MC for each [luxury] module on this station. High stakes, high takes. But who is the winner?


Military (purple)

  • Military Command: LUR. Crew +2 MC >> build any [military] module for free from here. Organizing the war effort.
  • Shield Generator: LR. Protects this station against Meteor Storm and attacks from Weapon Platform. Nothing can get through it!
  • Strategic Ops: L. Crew >> Choose a player. That player must lose 1 MC and discard 1 random card from hand. We will disrupt their plans.
  • Covert Ops: X. Crew >> Temporarily damage any module. Agent Orange reporting for duty, sir.
  • Weapon Platform: X. Crew +1 MC >> Damage any exterior module. Locked on target.



Events (2 of each)

  • Global Economic Crisis: All players immediately lose half their money (keeping the larger part if the halves are unequal). Oh, well…what is money anyway?
  • Launch Delay: No modules may be built and Core Modules may not be turned over by any player for the rest of this year. Blame it on the weather.
  • Uneventful Year: No events may be played by any players for the rest of this year. Business as usual.
  • Meteor Storm: Damage any 2 exterior modules of a station (unless that station has a functioning Shield Generator). Alert! Incoming meteors!
  • Sabotage: Damage any 2 modules of a station belonging to a player with more Victory Points than you. Undercover agent reporting: Mission successful!
  • Malfunction: Temporarily damage any 2 modules of a station. It looks bad, but we’ll fix it. Just give us some time.
  • Accident: Damage any module of a station. What do you mean “oops”?
  • Beyond Repair: Remove a damaged exterior module from a station. It’s worse than we thought.
  • Sponsored Repairs: Remove up to 2 damage markers from your station. Fortunately, we have some friends.
  • Visiting Worker: Use an unused crew action of another player’s station. You pay the costs (crew, money), you choose targets and you get any cards, money or Victory Points generated. Very generous to let us use it.
  • High-risk Project: Remove any number of unused crew from your station to gain that many MC. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make.
  • Research Funds: Gain +1 MC. Also gain +1 MC for each [scientific] module in your station. Our research investments are paying off.
  • Cold War: The player(s) that has the most functioning [military] modules gains 2 Victory Points. Military superiority! Moahahahahaa!
  • New Arrivals: Add 2 unused crew on the Core Module of your station. Ah! Headquarters is finally sending reinforcements.
  • Efficiency: All crew actions on your station may be used twice this year. We’ve managed to maximize the use of our facilities.
  • Crew Rotation: All players move all their unused crew to the Core Module of the station belonging to the player on their left. There has been a mixup in the scheduled crew reliefs.
  • Bureaucracy: Remove 1 unused crew from a station. Too much paperwork!
  • Unfit Crew: Remove up to 2 unused crew from a station (unless that station has a functioning Gym). Slackers!



Rules summary cards (3):


Action: Build Action, Module Action, Repair Action, Event Action, Pass Action.

Modules: Structural, Bio, Luxury, Support, Scientific, Military.


Beginning of the year

  1. Place crew on Core Module.
  2. Gain MC.
  3. Discard and draw cards.
  4. The year starts.

The year

  1. Take turns doing actions.
  2. When every player passes, go to the end of the year.

End of the year

  1. Award 1VP to the player(s) with the most functioning modules of each color (2 VPs the last year).
  2. Remove temporary damage.
  3. Remove crew.
  4. Move the year marker die to the player on the left.
  5. Now start the beginning of the next year, unless this was the last year.


Money(14 of each)

  • 1 Megacredit: Yellow. No man can serve two masters.
  • 2 Megacredits: Blue. Do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest.
  • 5 Megacredits: Green. Money is the root to all evil.


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