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Space Pirates!

Watch out for the pirates!

In the upcoming Corporate Lords expansion to Fleets: the Pleiad Conflict, there will be pirates. They are even depicted on the presentation picture we presented last week. The Pirates are represented by a neutral fleet marker that is placed by player number 3 at the beginning of each round (this means that the pirates will not be used in a 2-player game). The Pirates will attack any fleet entering the system, causing 4 damage that the player must distribute to the entering fleet.
So how does this affect gameplay? First off, it will scare people away. On the other hand, if your opponents will not deploy there, maybe you can go there, take the damage and gain a VP plus the system rewards. In order to go to the Pirates’ location, you need to take the damage, so healing is also of importance. For this, you have mechanics, but there are more opportunities for healing in this expansion…