FryxGames Standard Sleeves (55 x 77 mm)

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In 2020, we produced our own standard size for sleeves, since we planned to present a brand new card size later that year. The new card size is 55 x 77 mm.

The new format is used by these games, as far as we know:

  1. StarScrappers: Orbital
  2. Angel Fury (estimated release September 2022)
  3. Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game (estimated release in 2023)
  4. At least 4 more prototypes of coming games.

Some of the reasons for a new card size were these:

  1. The standard TCG size is 2,5″x3,5″. This is a good size which we will continue to use for many projects. However, if you have a game where many cards will be in play at the same time, these quickly fill up the table. We first discussed this problem for our game Space Station, which quickly fills the table, especially for higher player counts. So we needed smaller cards.
  2. There are several smaller sizes for cards. We’ve been using a half-size before, in our game Fleets. But those are too small. We would need something in between to fit the information needed on the card, maintain a good overview of the card effects, even from the other side of the table, while still making them smaller than the TCG standard.
  3. We had several prototypes where a smaller size would fit well. After reviewing the needs of these games, we came up with the new size, 55x77mm. This size is the same width-to-height ratio as the TCG cards, 5/7. But it is in millimeters, which is used in the larger part of the world, instead of inch. When converting the standard size to mm, you get 63,5mm x 88,9mm. That is neither elegant, easy to remember, or to even measure. We could have gone with 50×70, but such cards would be too small for our purposes. Since this new format is the same ratio as standard cards, we hope it will be easy for other publishers to shrink unnecessarily large cards to this new size with ease.