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Sleeves for everyone!

The new sleeve set for Terraforming Mars is now in stock at our webshop. There are 4 types of sleeves, one for each type of card in Terraforming Mars: Project cards, corporation cards, prelude cards, and the new Global Event cards that comes with Turmoil (which is expected to be in stock in late October).

You can buy the sleeve packs separately or as a full set, containing 11 packs to cover all cards even if you own all expansions.

Factory Visit

Last week, Jonathan and Isaac visited LudoFact – the factory in Germany which manufactures most of our TM copies. We managed to get hold of a few newly-assembled copies of Turmoil. While there are many thousand copies left to assemble, this still tells us that end is near, and Turmoil is coming. The factory floor was loaded with Terraforming Mars components, both for the base game and Turmoil.

Jonathan and Isaac in front of over 20 pallets of punchboards for the base game.
Pallets full of Terraforming Mars game boards.
The punchboard for Turmoil
The Kickstarter Promo Pack
Finished copies of Turmoil – Kickstarter Edition

The full TM experience

As soon as we got home to Sweden again, we just had to play a game of Terraforming Mars with EVERYTHING! Venus, Prelude, Colonies, Turmoil, the new Player Boards, the new Promo Pack, and the new sleeves. It was majestic, and we long to bring this experience to all of you.