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Scientific Progress

Christmas is coming, and we at FryxGames wanted to give our faithful readers some extra “candy”  these remaining weeks of 2015. Therefore we decided to present nice card combinations in Terraforming Mars, showing how 2-3 cards can work together in cool ways.

Last week we presented Anti-Gravity Technology, a fantastic invention that requires you to have 7 science cards already in play. How do you get 7 science cards (that’s a lot!)? Well, a good way to start would be to assemble the scientific elite of the solar system on the top of Olympus Mons for a science summit (pun intended). When all those great minds meet, new ideas will be proposed, and you will be there to support (profit from) those ideas.

The conference itself would advance your science (providing a science tag), and for every second science card you can play, you will be able to draw a card, possibly having another science tag.

Next, you need to play more science cards to get closer to 7, as well as get those bonuses from your Olympus Conference. Doing Research seems to be a good idea:


Not too expensive, giving you a VP, and 2 cards (which of course is a major theme for the science cards). The cool thing is the double science tag, though. When you play Research, you will draw the 2 specified cards, but you will also be able to use the ability of Olympus Conference twice,  first to add 1 resource and then to remove it from the Conference to draw another card. AND, you’ll be another 2 steps closer to being able to play  Anti-Gravity Technology.

Next week, we will serve you another delicious combo…