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Ruling Venus

When the World Government adds more terraforming funds, it also requires a measure of control. Lucky for you, they are ready to make you their governor of Venus! Besides giving you a sizable paycheck, it also allows you to tax e.g. the sulphur exports, an important industry on Venus.

Sulphur Exports Venus Governor

The fast way to get your application approved is to first build a Venus Waystation, making the Governor title free.


Survival lesson #3

A central theme in After the Virus is to save survivors. It is part of many missions, and it is even part of your starting deck!



So how do you go about saving survivors? Well, first you have to find them (play them sideways from your hand) and prepare them (discard 1 card each to raise them to a vertical position). It is often best to do this in advance, because you can’t save cards in hand between turns, and you never know how many cards you can spare when you get Safe House into hand. By saving several Survivors at the same time, you gain both speed and efficiency, but it requires your focus, which can be difficult with all the zombies moving about.
Savings survivors is a tough job, but it gets a lot better if you have a pub to relax at when the job is done. Instead of a whine – whine situation, you get a wine – wine situation… I know, that pun was terrible. Beer with me…
So, what do you do on missions where you don’t need to save survivors? You can still save them! Because when you save survivors, you can, instead of counting them as saved, get cool gear from them. You just ask nicely, and each of them will give you the top card from the area deck as an unprepared card in front of you! They’ll do anything for your protection. Hehe.