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Rulebook and LinCon

At last we are ready to release the rule book for Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict. Some minor changes are still to be made, but the result will look something like this;

Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict (PDF, 1,7MB)


What will you get from reading the rulebook? Of course, you will mainly get to know the game and all it’s mechanisms, but you will also get lots of background stories and some previously unreleased graphics.


Last weekend, FryxGames was present at LinCon, one of Sweden’s largest game conventions. We had a large room to show our games, including play-testing of Fleets. The event was very successful, most of the time all our games were being played simultanuasly. We also got some valuable feedback on Fleets, as we are doing the last fine-tuning before it goes to print…