Terraforming Mars: Plantation Puzzle (500 pcs)



500pcs, 480x340mm layed out.

“Terraforming Mars is a terrific game that gives players a chance to explore the way to the grandest work humans have ever ettempted – the creation of a new living world. Life to Mars, and Mars to life! Great fun!”
//Dr. Robert Zubrin
President Mars Society

Dear puzzle friends!
Apart from designing board games, we love laying puzzles! For years, we’ve challenged each other to puzzle contests, with new puzzles every year. Good puzzles are hard to find; they need to be interesting, detailed, and unique. This puzzle features the box art from the original game, with its iconic Martian surface, centered around Valles Marineris. Happy puzzling to all of us!
//Isaac and the FryxGames team

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