Terraforming Mars Goodie Bag Bundle

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For every Terraforming Mars enthusiast, here is your chance to get all officially released promos and accessories for Terraforming Mars at a great discount:

First Promo Pack (4 project cards, 3 corporations)
Kickstarter Promo Pack (3 corporations, 5 global events, 12 project cards)
Dual Layer Player Boards (5 double layer boards that can hold production- and resource cubes in place while playing)
First Player Rover marker
Sleeve Set (specially printed plastic sleeves with Terraforming Mars artwork, 550 pcs, to protect all cards released for Terraforming Mars)
Mug Collection (6 mugs with Terraforming Mars artwork, including a special heat mug)

This package is for all you completionists out there who want the ultimate Terraforming Mars experience.

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