Terraforming Mars: Expansion Bundle


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So you tried the game and loved it… What now?

This expansion bundle contains all 5 expansions for Terraforming Mars at a great discount. The expansions add tones of replayability and variety, as well as an even more immersive theme:

  • Hellas & Elysium lets you explore the other sides of Mars and is the easiest of the expansions.
  • Venus Next expands on the current mechanics and adds a new resource, a new tag, a new terraforming parameter, and more cards (and corps!)
  • Prelude kick-starts the game and lets players customize their starting conditions with powerful combos.
  • Colonies brings the players to the colonies on the outer solar system moons and asteroids. New mechanics allow for trading with those colonies and thus a new area of competition between players.
  • Turmoil brings the focus back to Mars, and specifically on the people of Mars. Politics, ideologies, and global disasters is what you need to take into account to maneuver in a world of everchanging policies.

All expansions are modular, meaning that you can play with any number – and any combination – of them.

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