Terraforming Mars Card Sleeves




At last you can protect your cards with style and quality! These brand new Terraforming Mars Sleeves enhance the gaming experience with their thematic printed backsides, while also protecting your cards and making it easier to shuffle them. OK, that last part might need some clarification. The cards are easier to shuffle, but not if you shuffle them all at once, you would need hands the size of King Kong’s to do that.

The sleeves come in 4 motives, 1 for every card type in the game:
Project Card Sleeves
Corporation Card Sleeves
Prelude Card Sleeves
Global Event Card Sleeves

Each pack is 50 sleeves, which is enough for all the cards of its kind, except project cards, where you would need 8 packs if you own all expansions. Luckily for you, we also have a package deal for 8 such packs and 1 of the other packs. You can find it here.

The sleeves classify as Premium quality by their thickness, 100/120 microns on front/back.


NOTE: Sleeves with printed back are inherently sensitive to rough shuffling. They are made for aesthetic purposes. The sleeves themselves are not fragile, but rough handling may lead to the printed layer peeling off over time.

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Weight 0,065 kg

Project Cards, Corporation Cards, Prelude Cards, Global Events