Turmoil Kickstarter Promo Pack


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This promo pack was produced for the Turmoil Kickstarter project, but is now sold individually. The promo pack contains 20 cards (12 project cards, 3 corporation cards, and 5 global events). The global events are special in that they allow Turmoil to integrate with the Venus Next and Colonies expansions.


NOTE: Only 6 of these cards require Turmoil. The other 14 cards can be played with the base game or any combination of expansions.

Project Cards:
Dusk Laser Mining
Project Inspection
Energy Market
Hi-Tech Lab
Interplanetary Trade
Law Suit
Mercurian Alloys
Orbital Cleanup
Political Alliance
Saturn Surfing
Stanford Torus

Mons Insurance

Global Events:
Titan-Venus Alliance -> Cloud Societies
Immigration to Venus -> Corrosive Rain
Jovian Colony Boom -> Jovian Tax Rights
Diaspora -> Microgravity Health Problems
Martian Protectionism -> Venus Infrastructure

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