In the Shadow of Deimos


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Winning the award for the “Best Gaming Novelty” at the UK Games Expo, this is the first book in a trilogy, set in the Terraforming Mars universe. It’s written by Jane Killick, famous for writing for Babylon 5.

“Mars, 2316. The recently created Terraforming Committee arbitrates the dramatic development of Mars by powerful rival corporations. When a rogue asteroid crashes into a research center and kills its lone technician, the fragile balance between corporations is shattered.

The World Govenment’s investigation into the acfident reveals a multitude of motives, while a corporation insider stumbles on a dark conspiracy. Two Martians with very different agendas must navigate a trail of destruction and treachery to uncover the truth and expose those responsible, before Mars falls to Earth’s corruption.

As lines blur between progress and humanity, Mars itself remains the biggest adversary of all.”


350 Pages

Soft Cover, Pocket


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