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Know someone who loves games? Don’t know which expansions they already have?
The Gift Card lets them choose themselves!

This is not a physical card, but rather a code to use in our webshop.

So, how does this work?

  1. Choose an amount to load into the gift card.
  2. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address. If you enter more addresses, you’ll buy several equal gift cards for all recipients.
  3. Write your name and optionally write a personal message to the recipient
  4. Choose a time for delivery (or leave it as it is to send it right away)
  5. Check out

Once you’ve placed your order, each recipient will be sent an e-mail showing their gift card, the amount chosen, the expiration date (1 year from when ordered), the message, and the gift card number. With the click of a button, they can visit the web shop, and the gift card is automatically entered for use. It’s that simple.

NOTE: If you have a coupon code, it will not affect the price of a gift card.


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