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Every now and then, our fans reimagine what the game could look like. The talented creator of these maps, Arnd Drifte, has made them available for free – print and play – on his website.

We offer them printed on neoprene in our shop, and part of the payment goes directly to support Arnd Drifte’s creative work.

He has made 6 boards, the first 3 are the same as the ones we’ve already released:

  • Tharsis
  • Elysium
  • Hellas

The other 3 are brand new maps with their own sets of milestones and awards:

  • Utopia Planitia
  • Terra Cimmeria
  • Vastitas Borealis

All 6 of them can be bought as a bundle here, but may also be bought individually on this page. Select one in the list to learn more about it.

Note that FryxGames hasn’t made any design work on the new maps, we simply make this fan-made material available.

All boards have space for all official expansions right on the board.

Dimensions: 82 x 50 cm

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Tharsis, Hellas, Elysium, Terra Cimmeria, Vastitas Borealis, Utopia Planitia, All 6

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