Edge Of Catastrophe


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This is the second book in a trilogy, set in the Terraforming Mars universe. It’s written by Jane Killick, famous for writing for Babylon 5.

“In the 26th century, Mars is thriving: the huge crater made by the crashed moon of Deimos is now a vast domed city, buzzing with industry and a burgeoning Martian-born and immigrant workforce.

Ecoline scientist Mel Erdan is at the forefront of vital research to feed and maintain Mars’ increasing population. But when her new viral enhancer transforms lush green plants into a blackened swathe of dead crops, it triggers a wave of violent unrest across Deimos City. Panic spreads through the city, leading Mel to be accused of deliberately sabotaging Mars’ fragile viability.

As resources rapidly dwindle, conspiracy theories take hold, and criminal gangs riot, Mel must prove her innocence, uncover the truth, and revitalise Mars’ harvest before it’s too late – for everyone.”


365 Pages

Soft Cover, Pocket


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