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Pre-Order Fleets!

First off, here is our introduction video to the Kickstarter Campaign.

It is time! You can now pre-order “Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict” board game on Kickstarter at a discounted price! Get it shipped to your home or pick it up from us before everyone else! Even if you don’t want the game, you can help us by:

1. Sharing the news! On our campaign page, you can share it on facebook and twitter, and every share promotes the campaign!

2. Liking us on facebook. This helps us reach many more people.

3. Donating from 1$. Every donation gives status to the campaign and puts us higher up on the popularity lists.

4. Commenting on the campaign. It may sound silly, but every comment adds to our popularity and promotes the campaign. A simple “Good Luck” would suffice!

5. Visit the campaign, the most obvious way to help make it popular. A well visited page will be promoted on search engines and on Kickstarter browse pages.

Please help us achieve our goal, to make Fleets a reality. We need your help!
//FryxGames brothers (Jacob, Enoch, Daniel, and Jonathan)