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On our way to Essen!

We’ve started our journey to Essen. Jonathan and Thomas drove down to Malmö for 8 hours to join Enoch (with awesome wife Nina) and Daniel. We’ve had a wonderful evening playing Space Station with our new promo pack and semi-painted tin crew members, both of which will be available for the first time in Essen. Unfortunately, Jacob – the designer of Space Station (and possibly our next release) – couldn’t join us for this year’s Essen event, so we feel a bit incomplete. But we still have high hopes and a lot of confidence in this year’s Spiel convention. Even though we have no new titles this year, we have promo packs for both Wilderness and Space Station, handmade tin figures for both of those games, and best of all; we have a special price for our gamepack!

FryxGames Gamepack includes:

Wilderness with promo pack and special scenario rules, Space Station with Promo Pack and rules for 2 solitaire versions, 2 * Brawling Barons

In Essen, the game pack will cost 45€, instead of the 82€ usually charged for all these items if bought separately.