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Essen Update!

We have just returned to Sweden after the Essen Spiel’11 fair. We had a booth there, where we introduced our two published games Space Station and Wilderness. Both of them ended up on BoardGameGeek’s top 20 list of new games at the fair, Wilderness got a stunning 2nd place! ( After only 2 days, Wilderness was sold out.When people came to our booth, they were able to play the games. The winner of each game got a qualifying ticket to the finals. The winner of each final got a free copy of the game. We gladly present the winners of both finals;


Wilderness Survivor – Mathias, Germany

Space Station Champion – Stephen Cox, US

During the fair, we have reached thousands of people with our games. We got appreciation for our unique game concepts and simplicity, as well as for our themes, from both game developers, publishers, distributors and the fair visitors. We are very pleased with the results, and want to thank everyone who voted for our games on BoardGameGeek.

We continue to develop our games and are presently looking through the packs of contact cards that we have received. We are also working on the German translation of the Wilderness Rules. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions concerning our games or our company.

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Essen Spiel’11, here we come!


FryxGames started just two months ago in Sweden. The four brothers who founded the company have been engaged in game-making and playing throughout their lives, but recently decided to take it to the next level. At Essen Spiel’11 Game Fair, Germany, they will introduce their first 2 official games: Wilderness and Space Station.

Our boothnumber in Essen will be 4-314. We will show our games, have contests with valuable prizes and much more, so make sure to be there!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail: