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Website updated!

Welcome to the new FryxGames website! We know, we know, it looks almost the same, but the content has been updated. Feel free to look around! We have even published a few pictures of our next release, thus giving the very first glimpse of it to the public. Have a look at them here! More information about the coming title will be available soon.

Eagle eye

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Special Rules Available

For all you veteran players out there, special rules for the Wilderness Hunger Games Scenario and for both of the Space Station Solitaire versions are now available for download on this website!

Wilderness – Hunger Games Scenario
Are you literally sick and tired from racing to the village? Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill all the other players to be the last man standing? This is what the Hunger Games Scenario adds to Wilderness! With these special rules you can no longer win by entering the village, your only goal is to be the last survivor. With a different gameboard set-up, some new rules for interaction, and a more aggressive atmosphere, this will surely add variety to your game.

Space Station Solitaire – Bot Version (Page 1)
We’ve always said it’s hard to find an opponent in outer space. But don’t worry, we’ve created a bot which is clearly more designed to survive without oxygen than you are. And since they’re massproduced, why not take on two of them at once? In the Bot Version, you play against simulated opponents. They are not as smart as you, but they get certain advantages that will even that out. Can you beat the bots?

Space Station Solitaire – Peaceful Version (Page 2)
Back to the Space Station Training Academy, where the simulation of construction is all there is. No meteor storms, no malfunctions, no time consuming bureaucracy, and especially no evil-minded competitor. Your goal is to build the best possible space station without event cards. It might be peaceful, but that doesn’t make it easy. Each year, the number of modules you need of each color to score Victory Points is increased, and to win and graduate from the Academy, you need 22 VPs. Can you do it?

Feel free to send us your stories and achievements from these alternate versions.

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Essen Report

Last week we attended Essen Spiel, Germany, for the third year in a row. With its approximately 150 000 visitors, it’s an overwhelming experience to be able to show off our games to the public. We want to thank everyone who came by and tested, bought, and gave feedback on our games. We sincerely hope that it has been as fun for you as it has been for us! It was good to see so many familiar faces from previous years, even some of those who bought our first handmade edition of Wilderness two years ago.

Just like last year, any player who won a session of Wilderness or Space Station in the booth, got a ticket to the finals. We hereby present the winners;
Space Station Champion Frode Braendo, who won the game, the promo pack, and the handcrafted tin crew members.

Our Wilderness Survivor, who won the game, the promo pack, the handmade, handpainted set of figures, and the prestigious handshake of the game designer 🙂











We launched no new games this year, but rest assured, we’re not sleeping. Next year will be grand!

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On our way to Essen!

We’ve started our journey to Essen. Jonathan and Thomas drove down to Malmö for 8 hours to join Enoch (with awesome wife Nina) and Daniel. We’ve had a wonderful evening playing Space Station with our new promo pack and semi-painted tin crew members, both of which will be available for the first time in Essen. Unfortunately, Jacob – the designer of Space Station (and possibly our next release) – couldn’t join us for this year’s Essen event, so we feel a bit incomplete. But we still have high hopes and a lot of confidence in this year’s Spiel convention. Even though we have no new titles this year, we have promo packs for both Wilderness and Space Station, handmade tin figures for both of those games, and best of all; we have a special price for our gamepack!

FryxGames Gamepack includes:

Wilderness with promo pack and special scenario rules, Space Station with Promo Pack and rules for 2 solitaire versions, 2 * Brawling Barons

In Essen, the game pack will cost 45€, instead of the 82€ usually charged for all these items if bought separately.

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Essen Price List

As the Essen Spiel’13 Games Fair draws near, our expectations increase and our prices decrease. It is time to present our Essen price list;

Wilderness: 30€ (40€)

Add 5€ for promos (3 female character healthboards + stickers to substitute the 3 original male characters for these colours)

Space Station: 15€ (20€)

Add 3€ for promos (2 double-sided core modules giving 4 new optional functions/colours for flip action)

Brawling Barons: 5€ (7€) per deck.

1 deck=1-3 players, 2 decks=1-3 players or 2v2/3v3 team-play, 3 decks=more fun, and so on…


Wilderness + promos, Space Station + promos, 2 decks of Brawling Barons

Tin Figures: 1€ per figure

unpainted figures for Wilderness, Space Station and other games

Space Station Set: 25€

25 semi-painted (black/sooted shades) tin figures

Wilderness Set: 50€

13 painted tin figures: 8 players, 4 animals, 1 village

Card Sleeves: 5€

110-130 sleeves for Wilderness, Space Station or 2 decks of Brawling Barons
Note: All promos and figure sets come in limited quantities.
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Wilderness Promo Pack!

At the Essen Spiel’13 games fair in Germany, we will release a Promo Pack for Wilderness. We have acted on several requests for women in the game and designed 3 new Health Boards for this purpose. The Promo Pack consists of 3 healthboards and corresponding stickers so you can exchange the green, yellow, and blue male characters with new, better-looking female ones. These limited edition promo Health Boards will only be available through us, and might run out of stock in Essen. Buy the FryxGames Game Pack to get our promos for free, or buy them separately.

We hope to meet you there!
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Time to expand the Space Station!

Tired of the same old Core Modules? Let’s upgrade, then! We’ve designed a limited edition promo pack with 4 new Core Modules to add more variety to the game. With the Space Station Promo Pack, all 6 colors are represented as Core Modules, introducing new effects and powerful combinations. Each new Core Module enhances the theme of its color, thus encouraging strategic expertise. Be careful, though; you’ll never win with only one color.

The Space Station Promo Pack consists of 2 double-sided cards, each side with a unique new Core Module, either Military (purple), Support (brown), Scientific (blue), or Luxury (yellow). It will be released in Essen, where it will be included in the FryxGames Game Pack (Space Station + Promo, Wilderness + Promo, 2x Brawling Barons), or as separate item. This limited edition will only be available through us.

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Hunger Games scenario

Even though Wilderness offers endless combinations of landscape tiles, we felt that we could offer even more variety if we added a few rules. So we now proudly present an alternate scenario for Wilderness, the Hunger Games scenario!

In the normal game you place the landscape tiles in a row and discover them as you move along. In this scenario you place 6 random tiles in a circle with the village (supply area) in the middle. (See picture!) The players (2-8) is spread out around the rim of the board and want to get to the center to receives bonuses. This is a last man standing where it’s all about surviving and hurting the other players. Brutal, but fun!
Special rules for this scenario:
– Each time you move into the supply area, draw 2 event cards and 1 random player token (use all 8 tokens). If you draw your own token, draw 1 extra event card. If you draw an opponent’s token, they walk into a trap: roll a die and get as much exhaustion. If you draw a token of a player not used in the game (or a dead player) place the token anywhere on the game board. It will move and attack the same way as the wild animals, but will be inactive this very first Nature’s turn. If the player token is defeated, it is immediately removed from the game. Unlike defeating an animal, you don’t get any hunger back when killing a player token.
– Each time you have been inside the supply area, you must move to the edge of the board before you go to the supply again.
– Fight: If a player enters the same area as another player, a fight occurs, and both players roll 2 dice against each other, just as in the “Fight event card”. During fights, all event cards regarding animal attacks may be played. Opposing players or tokens count as animals.
Good Luck! 🙂
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Game Inspiration Day

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We did! It was one of the largest family gatherings for years, and we arranged a Game Inspiration Day. Since we are a family company, we wanted the input of all family members. Several new games were presented, authored by many different siblings. Then we had a day of game testing and socializing about games and the company’s future. Many thanks to all the participants. Indeed, 2013 will be very intriguing. Right now we have all the options, but we need to prioritize. This is what tonight’s meeting will be about. Have a nice start of 2013!

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Essen Report

We are now back in Sweden after the magnificent Essen Spiel 2012 games fair in Germany (18-21 Oct). What happened there? Let’s have a look!

We arrived in Essen early Tuesday and began preparing our booth. With some new decorations produced especially for this event, we were quite satisfied with the result (which is not what you see here). Thomas and Enoch are spreading the cloth banner. Shortly after our arrival, three pallets loaded with our Wilderness games were placed in front of us, and we all suddenly realized how big this event was for us as a small big-family company from Sweden.



Our greatest excitement of the preparing day was not Wilderness, however. We’ve seen that game before. But Jonathan almost fell off his chair when his game Brawling Barons arrived on the scene. This was our first glance at the final result of our product. After some minutes of inspecting the box and all the cards, we could boldly announce to ourselves that we’ve made another successfully printed game!




Jacob, the oldest of the brothers attending the fair, is also the game designer of Space Station, which was released last year. This year, we presented the second edition of the game! With an improved box size, card quality, graphics, rules, and even tokens, this game is now even better. This was also the first game we played in Essen together back at the hotel.



Wait a minute… We were five brothers attending the fair. You’ve seen Thomas, Enoch, Jonathan and Jacob… Where is Daniel? Oh, yes, we found him in another hall, picking a fight with a teenage mutant ninja turtle…



To be honest, Daniel had earned some spare time by spending many hours sculpting these lovely tin figures, which we sold separately at the fair, both unpainted ones like you see here, and hand-painted ones. Some of them are meant for use in our game Wilderness, but the angel and demon figures might have a future role to play in some top secret game project.

Once the fair started on Thursday, we had constant game demonstrations for visitors in our booth. Wilderness was played eagerly and the fair attendees had to reserve a time to play it due to the massive interest in the game. On the other end of the table, Space Station was attracting visitors of more spacey tastes, and when it was needed, Brawling Barons was explained in the middle. Because our three games are so vastly different from one another, it seemed that we could offer something for just about anyone.


Just like last year, when someone won a test-play of Wilderness, they accquired a ticket to the final, Wilderness Survivor. And just like last year, when the final was about to start, a large crowd came by our booth to participate and observe. This year’s winner of the final – and thus also a copy of Wilderness – was Gerda van Heel from Holland. Congratulations!


Essen Spiel 2012 has been a great event for us. We’ve met loads of interesting people, played many awesome games, and had an amazing amount of fun. We’ve also seen some exceptional cases in our own games. For example, this picture was taken from a gaming session of Wilderness, where all four players died. This is very rare, since the last standing player wins. But in this game, both the last two players were killed by wild animals the same turn.



Heading back to Sweden, all of us to different cities, to our beloved wives, fiancées, children, brothers and sisters, and friends, who have supported us greatly. We love you!

Now let’s shape up our next game… 🙂