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Meeting in Linköping

The four founders of FryxGames met up in Linköping, Sweden, for evalutation of these first months as a company. Many topics were discussed, including new game concepts, mass-production of Wilderness and Space Station, distribution of the games and the economical challenges we face as a new company heading straight into the global game market. As a company, we would like to thank you all for the excellent feedback you have given us on the games. A special thank you is directed at every buyer of Space Station and Wilderness; Our further work is made possible by that support!

We all live in different cities in Sweden. If you live near Karlstad, Stockholm, Linköping or Malmö, make sure to throw us a mail and request to try the games (mail:! We would be delighted to show the games and let you enjoy them. And invite your friends! Our main goal is getting our games out there.