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Loads of Lions

A month ago, we presented Fish, and their role on a terraformed Mars. Fish can multiply and enrich the ecosystem. They can also serve as food for your predators:

Like a carnivore, you wait for the right moment, holding this card in your hand. When the right moment comes, and someone plays their unsuspecting fish, you pounce. A bit difficult to accumulate fish when they are constantly being eaten, right? The predators, though, will be very content with this situation. Still, you need to wait until there there is enough oxygen in the atmosphere, because it takes an effort to catch those fish (or other animals), and you may only have a few generations to indulge in this fun.

But there is a very direct way to get the most out of your predators: Ship’em in from Earth in a Large Convoy!

One of the most expensive cards in the game, the Large Convoy also gives you your money’s worth: A supply of water large enough to award a step of terraform rating, 2 free cards to your hand, 2 victory points, and either 5 plant units, or 4 animals on one of your animal cards. On Predators, that would mean another 4 VPs.

How to afford this card? Well, either you save up for it, or you do a really cool combo. Let’s have a look at that next week. See ‘ya!