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Living in the Clouds

Last week we visited the surface of Venus, a quite unpleasant place. Now we take a look at the more benign conditions in the Venusian atmosphere. Where the surface confronts you with a smouldering 462 degrees centigrade, and a pressure 92 times higher than on Earth, the clouds at an altitude of around 60 km offer a relatively pleasant 25 degrees and a pressure equal to that of Earth!
Still, you need to deal with the strongly acidic atmosphere, and make sure you don’t lose buoyance, or you’ll go to hell. Literally. It takes some science to build there and to make it work properly, but a cloud city is actually not as impossible as one might have thought.

In Venus Next, you can build many different structures for projects in the clouds. Some are for very specific purposes, and some for supporting various other projects. For example, people working there need to live somewhere:

Stratopolis Floating Habs

To represent structures floating in the Venusian atmosphere, there is the new ‘floater’ resource. There are quite a few cards using this new resource, which mechanically works very similar to microbe cards. Floating Habs and Stratopolis are great in any floater strategy, since they can both enhance other cards and use their own effect. If you get them together, Stratopolis is a fantastic support for Floating Habs, accumulating Victory Points at an incredible rate.
And by the way, [Maxwell Base] down on the surface can also help your floater cards. They really have expertise on how to handle Venus!

Next week, we will have a special announcement, so stay tuned!