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It’s getting hot!

The last week has been great for Terraforming Mars and FryxGames. Beginning with the announcement of our partners,  Stronghold Games and Rebel Games, Terraforming Mars has sailed up to the top of the hotness list on BoardGameGeek, to stay there several days! We published many new cards there and got a lot of attention, also on Twitter and Facebook.

Given that the game is so rich in theme, Jacob felt confident enough to challenge the community, so he posted a contest (still open by the way) on BoardGameGeek: Can you guess something appropriate to the game that is actually not in the game? With over 70 replies and a myriad of suggestions, we could indeed find 35 things not in the game. To the game’s credit, though, we found 59 of the suggestions actually in the game! It has been a blast to get so many guesses – each thing already in the game is confirmation of the strong theme presented in the game. And every suggestion that is not in the game is a potential future addition!

Here, we would like to present a few of the newly released pictures.
First out is the box art panorama depicting the terraforming process from left to right:

Terraforming Mars Box

And finally a few more gorgeous cards:


See you next week!