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High Standards

As an interplanetary corporation, you are bound to deal with things that are not your specialty. In Terraforming Mars, you acquire your different projects through cards, but there are also standard projects that are always available to the players that allow you to colonize and terraform Mars. These standard projects are a bit more expensive than the corresponding card would be, and they don’t provide tags that can create combos with other cards, but they do let you pursue and force a strategy regardless of your card draw. It is also a good way to spend money if you happen to run out of cards (it happens!).
There is one combo though – the Standard Technology card:


First off, Standard Technology provides a science tag that may be useful to unlock high-tech projects such as Lightning Harvest.
By thinking outside the box and developing cost-efficient solutions, you get a refund each time you pay for a standard project! This allows you to focus even more on your strategy. Energy production will not be a problem for you, and pursuing a terraforming strategy will be much easier. Building cities? Why not. With nice green surroundings? Sure. The sky’s the limit. Or rather your credit, because we’re still on a planetary scale.

PS. Don’t forget to submit your image if you want to appear on a card in the game! (see more here)