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Gomorra Launched

The game designer just finished another marvelous flagship image. Here is Gomorra VII, a small and agile fleet.


And now a note from Daniel himself:

Hi all!

This week I sculptured this flagship. As you might know, all flagships had to be created by ourselves and we wondered for a long time how we were supposed to create unique, interesting, and good-looking spaceships. We were actually afraid that if we tried to make them ourselves, the images would not be good enough for the game! But we didn’t have money enough to hire an artist to paint them, so we had no choice.

We couldn’t make computer 3D-models of them due to the time it would take. We tried to paint them directly (and two painted flagships will be in the game: Nebukhadnessar and Excalibur), but the process proved to be hard and slow. It was difficult to make them look really trustworthy with angles, depth, and shadows. In the end we tried to sculpture clay-models and use photographs to make the final images. Wow! What a difference! The clay-models gave a “real” impression and photoshop made the rest of the job. Actually, if I have a clear idea, I can now make a flagship in just one day.