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Giant Ice Asteroid

Hi again.

Now lets talk about how to kick-start a terraforming process. Mars is very cold and very dry, so let’s do something about that. You’ve discovered a really big asteroid almost entirely made of ice. It’s orbit isn’t really close to Mars, but add a few huge rocket engines to it and fire them at strategic times so that the orbit gradually comes to cross that of Mars and voilà!


One day the people of Mars will look up and cheer at the burning star slowly crossing the sky, descending behind that horizon. Then a few minutes later they will feel the shock-wave of its crash many miles away. Some houses may not make it. Some other corporation’s experimental forests may not make it. But oh my! If it is terraforming you want, then this will do it! The heat will equal the detonations of half of Earth’s nuclear arsenal, and the water could make a Sweden-sized glacier once it freezes again.

And if it’s money you want, then this will do it too, since your terraform rating will rise 4 steps, increasing your income too. And don’t forget the VPs.