After the Virus

Framsida med textThe world has been hit by a zombie virus and society has fallen apart. Can you survive in this dangerous time and bring some sort of order and security?

After the Virus is a cooperative deckbuildning game where ever increasing numbers of zombies are added to your deck while you work to complete mission goals.

Gear up! Save survivors! Mow down hordes of zombies!


Vildmarkbild_redigerad-3”You have been assaulted, robbed, and left to your fate, with not enough clothes or equipment to manage. Now it’s up to you to fight thirst, hunger, exhaustion, bad weather, sickness, and wild animals. Get out of the wilderness, alive!!!”

In Wilderness, 2 to 8 players race to the nearest civilized village. But the village is not close, and the way there is not paved. You will have to find water, hunt for food, avoid wolves, bears, and snakes, endure sickness, and keep your strength up to be able to get there. Read more…

Space Station

Space Station“At last the international space industry is beginning to grow! To encourage  development, global funds are awarding prizes to companies that are outstanding in different areas. You control one of these companies and want to compete for the biggest, best and most beautiful space station the world has ever known. But the competition is hard…”

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Brawling Barons

Brawling BaronsThe king encourages all barons to expand their domains as new land is conquered. To gain favor in his eyes, each baron must show his worth by constructing buildings and thus increase the splendor of the kingdom, or by supporting the king in the war with military units. With the king’s eyes fixed on the frontlines, he probably wouldn’t notice your sharp elbow in your neighbour’s side… right?

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Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict


In 3400 AD, mankind has colonized the Pleiad star cluster where mighty corporations vie for control and influence. Each player equips fleets with escort ships and upgrades and uses them to control star systems for VPs. Diplomatic leverage, cunning, and brute force will determine the victor.

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Terraforming Mars

TMSIGNATUREb1In the 2400s, mankind begins to terraform the planet Mars. Giant corporations, sponsored by the World Government on Earth, initiate huge projects to raise the temperature, the oxygen level, and the ocean coverage until the environment is habitable.

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