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Fleets Setup

Maybe you’ve been curious about how the game will look when preparing for the gaming session? Although it is not yet printed, this is an approximation of the result.


1. Star Systems are shuffled and placed in the middle of the table. The number of systems equals the number of players +1.

2. Event cards are shuffled and placed in a drawpile.

3. There are only three available fleets on the market at a time. When one is bought, another one will replace it on the market. The same applies to the upgrade cards.

4. Escort ships, dice, and markers are placed in separate piles where everyone can reach them. The ships can be bought and applied to your fleet to specialize it in different ways.

5. Each player has a player board and may own several fleets. On each turn, all fleets must be deployed to the board, thus putting them at risk. Perhaps it is best to wait until you can both buy the fleet and fully upgrade it on the same turn before acting.

Within a week or two, we’ll release some major game content. We almost can’t wait! Stay tuned!