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Essen Spiel 2015

We are very excited about going to Essen again and meeting  the wonderful crowd of gamers. It’s like coming home to another world, where all the people are friendly and share the same interest. Utopia! Terraforming Mars is still not printed, and we, as well as many others, are still waiting eagerly for it to be released. It’s gonna be great! But while we wait, you can visit our booth and playtest the latest game prototype.

This is our product list this year:

Fleets 40€ (save 5€)

(NEW!) Fleets: Corporate Lords 12€ (save 3€)

Fleets + Corporate Lords: 45€ (save 15€)


Space Station: 20€ (+2€ for mini expansion)


Brawling Barons: 5€ / deck (save 2€ / deck)


Game Pack: 70€ (save 27€)

(including Fleets + Corporate Lords
Space Station + Mini Expansion
2xBrawling Barons)


Main events:

Friday 10-19 – Terraforming Mars

Come and check out our coming release! We offer you a chance to see, and maybe even play, this coming classic. All depending on space of course. We’re standing in a rather small booth, after all…

Saturday 15-16 Beta-test Event

Would you like to be a part of a future FryxGames release? Come and get a sneak peek at an exciting new project, and maybe you can even get  a prototype to bring home from Essen… Welcome!