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Essen Report

Last week we attended Essen Spiel, Germany, for the third year in a row. With its approximately 150 000 visitors, it’s an overwhelming experience to be able to show off our games to the public. We want to thank everyone who came by and tested, bought, and gave feedback on our games. We sincerely hope that it has been as fun for you as it has been for us! It was good to see so many familiar faces from previous years, even some of those who bought our first handmade edition of Wilderness two years ago.

Just like last year, any player who won a session of Wilderness or Space Station in the booth, got a ticket to the finals. We hereby present the winners;
Space Station Champion Frode Braendo, who won the game, the promo pack, and the handcrafted tin crew members.

Our Wilderness Survivor, who won the game, the promo pack, the handmade, handpainted set of figures, and the prestigious handshake of the game designer 🙂











We launched no new games this year, but rest assured, we’re not sleeping. Next year will be grand!