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Essen Price List

As the Essen Spiel’13 Games Fair draws near, our expectations increase and our prices decrease. It is time to present our Essen price list;

Wilderness: 30€ (40€)

Add 5€ for promos (3 female character healthboards + stickers to substitute the 3 original male characters for these colours)

Space Station: 15€ (20€)

Add 3€ for promos (2 double-sided core modules giving 4 new optional functions/colours for flip action)

Brawling Barons: 5€ (7€) per deck.

1 deck=1-3 players, 2 decks=1-3 players or 2v2/3v3 team-play, 3 decks=more fun, and so on…


Wilderness + promos, Space Station + promos, 2 decks of Brawling Barons

Tin Figures: 1€ per figure

unpainted figures for Wilderness, Space Station and other games

Space Station Set: 25€

25 semi-painted (black/sooted shades) tin figures

Wilderness Set: 50€

13 painted tin figures: 8 players, 4 animals, 1 village

Card Sleeves: 5€

110-130 sleeves for Wilderness, Space Station or 2 decks of Brawling Barons
Note: All promos and figure sets come in limited quantities.