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Thumbnail Product Price Amount
Turmoil Bundle
Expansion, player boards, and new promo pack
Terraforming Mars Game Pack
Game + all expansions
Terraforming Mars Goodie Bag
Rover, all promos, sleeves, mugs, player boards
Terraforming Mars NUTZ Bundle
Everything in Game Pack and Goodie Bag
Games and Expansions
Turmoil (NEW) 30€
Terraforming Mars 60€
Hellas & Elysium 20€
Venus Next 25€
Prelude 20€
Colonies 30€
Space Station 20€
Brawling Barons 5€
After the Virus 25€
Fleets 40€
Promos and Accessories
Dual Layer Player Boards (5pcs) (NEW) 15€
Kickstarter Promo Pack (20pcs) (NEW) 15€
First Player Rover 5€
Promo Pack 5€
Full Sleeve Set (550 pcs) (NEW) 40€
Project Sleeves (50pcs) (NEW) 5€
Corporation Sleeves(50pcs) (NEW) 5€
Prelude Sleeves(50pcs) (NEW) 5€
Global Event Sleeves(50pcs) (NEW) 5€
Mug Collection (6pcs) (NEW) 40€
Mug TM (NEW) 9€
Mug Venus (NEW) 9€
Mug Prelude (NEW) 9€
Mug Colonies (NEW) 9€
Mug Turmoil (NEW) 9€
Heat Mug (NEW) 12€

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Essen Preorder 2019