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Essen Offer

It is grand to think that in just a few days, all four brothers of FryxGames will be standing in our booth promoting our new game Fleets. We are also accompanied by brother Thomas (co-author of Wilderness). This is our fourth year at the international games fair in Germany, and has to be celebrated! On top of our already discounted prices for the fair, we’ll offer any visitor to buy any 3 different items from our price list and only pay for 2. Here is our updated price list for Essen:

Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict – 35 EUR

Wilderness (+promos) – 35 EUR

Space Station (+promos) – 20 EUR

Brawling Barons – 5 EUR/deck


Tin Crew (Space Station, 25crew) – 25 EUR

Card-sleeves (Wild/BB, 100p) – 5 EUR

Promos (Wilderness/Space Station) – 5 EUR

Solitaire Play Cards (game included) – 5 EUR

Rules (Wild/SS (GER/FRA/SWE/ESP)) – 2 EUR


Choose 3 different items – pay for 2!