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Easter Eggs with Jacob, #3

Most of our publisher partners for Terraforming Mars have their logos somewhere in the artwork. Our first 3 partners Stronghold Games, Rebel Games and Schwerkraft Verlag are featured on the cards Corporate Stronghold, Hired Raiders, and Mass Converter. The cards seemed like obvious choices, but seeing their logos may not be as easy, even though Stronghold Games actually has its logo 3 times, and the face of its CEO Stephen Bounocore 3 times as well!

Our first 3 publishing partners. NOTE: Rebel Games has since changed its logo.

After the first year of success, more partners joined Terraforming Mars, and are in later printings featured on cards such as Colonizer Training Camp, Peroxide Power, Media Group, Artificial Photosynthesis, Dust Seals, Import Of Advanced GHG, Energy Saving, Invention Contest, and Medical Lab, just in the base game. Can you find them?

Other partner logos that appear in the game art.