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Different Breeds





You are the head of the most successful corporation in human history – at least, that’s how you see it. Who could compete with the mighty Teractor-Olympiac? With its ambassador shuttle, diplomacy is always efficient, and your production capacity is second to none.

Teractor-Olympiac gains 2 MegaCredits extra in each rewards phase.







Still, there are the warmongers of Poseidon, never to be underestimated. Not only is the dreaded Hulk making appearances, but their flagships are now equipped with new hull-piercing lance-batteries.

Poseidon’s flagships make an extra attack causing 2 damages.

But if you can just avoid them long enough, your endurance will carry the day.





Then there is the ThorGate Alliance,  with their annoying Ion cruiser constantly disrupting your attack plans by draining the energy of your fleets. And somehow, they never seem to run out of energy themselves!

The fleets of ThorGate Alliance start with 1 extra energy and regenerate 1 extra energy each rewards phase.

Even so, ThorGate is no match in the long run. With your superior production, you can just buy extra generators for your fleets to even out their advantage.



Last, but not least, is PhoboLog, that hated bunch of infidels! Thinking that their head start in colonizing the Pleiades will give them a gold medal, despite their mediocre holdings. What you cannot understand is why they still somehow come out ahead, their ace pilots striking from nowhere and always having new tricks up their sleeves!

PhoboLog gets an additional action card each rewards phase.

They can trickety-trick all they want – in the end there is power, and power lies with Teractor-Olympiac! At least, that’s how you see it.