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Designer Notes

This week, our brother Daniel, the designer of Fleets (and Wilderness), gives his thoughts on the Corporate Lords expansion. We also release the rules sheet for the Corporate Lords expansion to Fleets.

Daniel: This week we think it’s time to show the rules for Corporate Lords. This “mini”-expansion might look like “just another punchboard”, but it adds quite a few new aspects to the game. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a few extra unique escort ships, or having  special effects for the different corporations?
So, what are we looking forward to add to the game? What did we feel was amiss in the first game? Well, in order to make the basic game balanced and equal between players, we decided to make all corporations identical, without any special effects, reasoning that the flagships, upgrades, and escort ships would be enough for the basic game. But no more! It’s more fun to add some characteristics to the corporations. Especially as we also add new escort ships to them.
Moreover, we had reports of different player groups having trouble with some of the escort ships running out. Yes, we have taken this chance to add some more escort ships!
Last, but not least, we wanted to add a few more effects to the game. Operation bases were the first thing that we really wanted to add to the game. Actually, our latest idea was to add the merchants and pirates, which effects the interaction and tactics of the game.
/Daniel Fryxelius

Click here to read the rules for Corporate Lords.