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Designer Diary – After the Virus

Hi everyone!

Jacob has written a few articles about the development of After the Virus: The Long Cold which we will share over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Designer Diary: After the Virus – The Long Cold

Part #2: Delving into delaying

So what else can animals be good for? Well, for one thing, they are excellent at warning against danger.

Delayed? Yeah, we have new effects on the zombies too. A delayed zombie card doesn’t attack this turn. Delayed zombies don’t stop you from using healing effects such as Medkit, and they don’t stop you from ending the turn. And you can attack them all you want. Next turn, the effect is removed and they attack normally again.

How then do you delay zombies? You just goat to have the right animal or do some fencing. Or see the zombies well in advance.

Hey, why are there six zombies on that 4-zombie card? Hmm, must be one of those new zombie cards that you add with each mission. They often have different number of enemies on them from their level number to compensate for an ability. In this case, having them starting delayed is an excellent excuse for adding a couple more zombies to the card!

Want to see another of the new zombie cards? Here you go:

Cute, aren’t they? You actually never have to deal with them. But if you don’t, you’ll reach the level 2 zombie cards sooner. And being 2 zombies on a level 1 card, it takes a bit of work to get rid of them. Fortunately, you can have a buddy on guard duty, picking them off one by one.