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Corporate Connections

Last preview, we showed you the very expensive Large Convoy. How do you get the economy to afford such a card? Of course, you could just save money  for a few generations, but who has the patience for that? There are  other ways,  one being to use your corporate connections.

First, you need to set up an Earth office to facilitate dealings with the myriad of nations, corporations, and other organizations on Earth. A staffed office is actually very cheap compared to terraforming a planet.


Yes! Now the Large Convoy, that incidentally is an Earth card, is 3 MegaCredits cheaper. The Office will very soon return your  investment if you can only find enough Earth cards to get that discount working. There are not all that many Earth cards in the game, but one of them fits very well with our plan for the big shipment – Media Group:


By writing exciting articles about your latest endeavors, and bringing this grand age of humanity to the public, you can make a fine profit. Large Convoy is just such an event that you can write about. And with the Earth Office in play, it should be very easy to acquire a few media companies.

Still a few MegaCredits short? Don’t worry – Investment Loan is there to help you:


Yes, it’s an Earth card, and yes, it’s an event too. So for free, you get 10 MegaCredits, plus 3 more when you sell the news about it (strangely enough, people still pay to read economic news). The only drawback is that you have to sacrifice a step of MegaCredit production for the installments, but that is more than made up for by all the profit you’re making off of this spectacular Large Convoy of yours.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

The gifts will make it to Mars just in time.