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Colonizing Mars

Cards in Terraforming Mars are unique, but come in themes. Today we’d like to discuss the city theme.

The point of terraforming is to make Mars habitable for colonization. But terraforming is a long process and humans are not known for their patience. Besides, someone has to do the terraforming work, right? While a lot of projects on Mars include some human habitation, the bulk of the population is going to live in the cities.

In Terraforming Mars, cities have in common that several cards benefit when a city is built, regardless of who builds it. Just as your cities can profit from other players’ greenery tiles, so can other players profit from your city (The red border on the city tile icon allows you to target all players’ cities.). There are several cards in the game that do this and here we present 3 of them.


One way to profit from cities is to sell top-notch rovers to them. Every self-respecting Martian should have one, right? It will also increase general abilities for society to function properly (mining, repairs, exploration, visits, outings etc), giving you a VP. In contrast to the following 2 cards, rovers can also be used on any planet/moon and are not restricted to Mars.

Zeppelins are also great for cheap transportation between cities, but for significant lifting power, the atmosphere should thicken a bit first. Also, there should be some cities to profit from when you do this project. Environmentally friendly too, and not disturbing the landscape.
However, people will demand fast connections throughout society, and that’s where the Martian Rails fit in (presented before here). Requiring energy to maintain, the railroad will only increase in efficiency as society grows. And if your opponents won’t place cities for your benefit, you can still place cities yourself!

Growing population = Growing economy!