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Past and Future

This year will see the release of two expansions for Terraforming Mars.

Prelude will delve into the background of the corporations, what they did up to the start of the terraforming. Did they have strong Earth assets? Were they Martian miners? Or colonizing the moons of Jupiter? Whatever their background, this propelled them to become the corporations entrusted with the development of Mars. In the game, this is simulated by prelude cards that you play after playing your corporation. The prelude cards give you a strong boost and throw you right into the fray running.


MoholeExcavation BioLab

During this fall, Colonies will join the Terraforming Mars universe and broaden the scope, introducing more colonization of the outer solar system. The moons of Jupiter and Saturn are within our reach, and offer easy access to vast resources – resources that can be used on Mars! The reach of the corporations is expanding…

pic4193099 Airliners Galilean Waystation

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Swedish Championship

This weekend we gathered all FryxGames brothers to participate in one of Sweden’s largest board game fairs, LinCon. It has been 4 days of intense demoing, prototype testing, discussing and not least arranging the Swedish Terraforming Championship. The 20 spots available for the championship were quickly claimed, and the Friday was spent playing the three games leading up to the final on Saturday. Each participant thus played 3 games against other players, where the winner got 4 Tournament Points (TP) and any player within 5 points from the winner got 3 TP, players within 10 points received 2 TP and ending within 15 points gave 1 TP. After the three matches, the 5 players with the highest TP got to play in the finals.

Here we present the finalists:

5th place: Jenny Rydén
4th place: Valentina Chapovalova
3rd place: Henning Persson
2nd place: Aron Enström
1st place and Terraformer of the Year: Jonas Hagelid

Terraformer Finalists, Jenny Ryden, Aron Enström, Jonas Hagelid, Henning Persson, and Valentina Chapovalova. 

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King of the Hill

In the post-apocalyptic zombie world, everyone needs to look after themselves. In our game After the Virus, we let players cooperate to survive, but the demand for a confrontative variant of the game has increased, and we’re here to deliver!

Daniel, the designer of Wilderness and Fleets, likes brutal take that games and came up with a new variant for After the Virus. We have uploaded a pdf file for it on the game page, if you want to print it, but here are the rules:

Last man Standing

By Daniel Fryxelius


Two or more players may engage in this competitive mode, where each player plays a generic solo game where the goal is to survive longer than all the other players. The players play their turns simultaneously, waiting for the others to finish their turn before starting the next turn.

Players start at wave 0 and with 1 zombie card in their draw deck.

In order to interact with the other players, you need to save Survivors:

* You may spend 1 save to add an extra zombie card to each opponent’s next reshuffle. This is marked with the white marker for those opponents. When a player reshuffles, he/she adds extra zombie cards according to their white marker, which is then moved down to zero again.

* You may spend 2 saves to increase each opponent’s wave number, which is marked immediately.

* These actions can be combined in any way.

* Saves may not be used to retrieve cards from the area deck!

* The saves must be used immediately.

Example: Adam gets 5 saves in one go, using VIP + 2 Survivors. He chooses to increase his opponents’ wave by 2 and increase their white markers 1 step. When Ruth, who used to be on wave 4, reshuffles, this means she reaches wave 7 (1 normal+2 from Adam), and adds 8 zombie cards (7 from wave + 1 from white marker)! Then her white marker goes down to zero again. Good luck, Ruth!

Next week, we’ll get more familiar with this lady.


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After the Virus with Jacob

Want to know what After the Virus is all about? How to play it? Or are you having trouble with a specific mission? Don’t fear – author Jacob has begun to make playthrough videos for the different missions in After the Virus, where he both showcases the missions and characters, as well as explaining the rules. Enjoy!

YouTube series for After the Virus with Jacob Fryxelius

The plan is to show all the missions, so the playlist will be expanded over the next few weeks.

Framsida med text



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Terraforming Mars digital version!


We are happy to announce that Terraforming Mars now has its own page on Steam, for the upcoming digital version of it. We’ve collaborated with Asmodee Digital and LuckyHammers to make a faithful translation of the game for digital devices. The game will be available on PC, iOS, and Android, and will feature the complete game with unchanged rules. You can play the original solo mode, or solo against AI opponents. AI opponents are also available in multiplayer, where you can either play on the same device by pass-and-play, or networked with users on the same, or even on other platforms.

We’ve had some demos with the studio, and are blown away by the amazing graphics, stylish design, and dynamic elements. Are you interested yet? If you want information about this project, and want to help us get exposure on Steam, be sure to add Terraforming Mars to your Steam wishlist.


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Gaming Weekend

This weekend, FryxGames gathered in Linköping (we live in 4 different cities) to hang out and play/develop our games. It’s so much fun when we meet and have some time together!


Just to show that we have quite a lot in the works, we had time to play Terraforming Mars with expansions, Brawling Barons with expansions, a new version of Space Station, Angels and Demons, Fate, Time Shadow, Garbage Heap, Trader, and Conquerors from Milky Way.

28576791_10204328253963777_3095915424567525376_o 28872023_10204328254083780_6831851289148653568_o

Otherwise we are always busy with expansions and reprints for Terraforming Mars these days. Prelude may be a small package, but it’s going to be great!!

Warm wishes from the Fryxelius brothers!


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New Delivery to Mars

We’ve been quietly busy these last weeks after Essen. A lot of business follow-up, game development etc., but also coordination of beta feedback. FryxGames continues to develop new products, and 2018 will definitely see more stuff for Terraforming Mars…

Image by Bill BrickerTM Prelude Imported Nitrogen concept 1

Now what could that project be?


We’re happy to see Rahdo Runs Through covering our new game After the Virus and liking it a lot! See his play through and his final thoughts in the two youtube clips below:

Run Through:

Final Thoughts:

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After the Rush

Essen is over, and it’s been a blast! As always. The annual October trip to Germany is the highlight of the year for us at FryxGames. Distributing new prototypes, showing each other new stuff in the works, discussing our business, setting up the booth, ripping up boxes of new deliveries from the factory, demoing, selling, meeting new and old fans, meeting other companies, and for a short while have time for a stroll through the fair.

Jacob holding the German version of Venus Next. Photo: Henk Rolleman.



Here are a few highlights:

* This year saw the release of two expansions for Terraforming Mars. First Hellas & Elysium during the summer, and then Venus Next was released at Essen. In Venus Next, players can diversify their strategies and start to work on the terraforming of Venus, building cities and industries in the clouds! With new project cards, new corporations, a new track and an additional milestone and award, Venus Next packs a punch.
* Another new release was our cooperative zombie deckbuilder After the Virus, where more zombies invade your deck with each reshuffle. Gear up! Save survivors! Mow down the zombies! And above all complete the mission before you get overwhelmed! Tense fun for 1-3 players, where you can be an old lady with a shotgun…
* As is becoming a tradition of ours, we also had a beta-test event where we presented coming releases and invited people to become FryxGames beta-testers. This time we presented two great games for the future – Fate: Defenders of Grim Valley, a cooperative fantasy tower defense type game, and Angels & Demons, a battle game between armies of… angels and demons… We are so excited about getting these games ready for publishing in the coming years!
* To our great delight, Terraforming Mars won the Deutcher Spielepreis, and Enoch and Jacob attended the ceremony, receiving the trophy and displaying the biggest Terraforming Mars box ever! (1 x 1 m)

Now back in Sweden, we are beginning to get back to normal, continuing to work on new games and expansions. Expect to see new great releases from FryxGames in 2018!

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Useful Clouds

The dense atmosphere on Venus presents a definite challenge to colonization, but at the same time it also offers buoyance for floating structures and materials for building and export. In Venus Next, cards such as the Floating Habs can assist other projects in the clouds. For example, they can help out in extracting deuterium for use in fusion power plants. Because of its higher mass, deuterium stays on Venus while the solar wind slowly strips away the lighter hydrogen atoms in the atmosphere. The higher concentrations of deuterium make it worthwhile to extract in industrial scales. The cloud community can also help the terraforming effort by working on projects to get toxic and acidic components out of the air. Finding new uses for these materials is a main focus for scientists on Venus.

Deuterium Export Extractor Balloons

Survival lesson #4

Gear up and team up! People who are prepared for the worst survive. Jennie is one such person. Growing up as the ‘tough girl’ in class, she then joined the army and learned how to handle guns. When the world collapsed in the Virus, she and a friend got away in time, teaming up to survive and save whoever is left to save.

In After the Virus, you play a character with its own personal starting deck. Jennie, as all other characters, starts with a card in play. Her specialty is the Weapon Skill training, allowing her to be extra efficient with weapons. This combos very well with her Pistol, that can be used two turns and then goes back into the deck, only to be used again later in the game. If she can find more weapons, it will be even better. She also has Scout, her friend who is really good at finding useful things in this chaotic world. The Scout will often go off (discarded) to search for supplies that they can use. Besides these very useful assets, she also starts with 3 Survivors in her deck, as well as 3 Run and a Safe House so she can save people and get out of messy situations.

To round the deck off, players will also add a few zombie cards to their starting deck and they are good to go.



















So what are the numbers around Jennie used for? They are used to track how many people you’ve saved, as well as which zombie wave you’re on. You see, each time you reshuffle you’ll increase the wave number by 1, and add that many zombie cards to your discard pile for the reshuffle. You need to complete your mission before you are overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of zombies!

And the spaces with ‘leg’, ‘arm’, and ‘brain’? You figure it out.

Essen – Here we come!

These weeks are some of the most hectic weeks of the year for FryxGames; with travel preparations, checking factory production and delivery to Essen, as well as making our own big yearly prototype printing. We are so excited for Essen, and really look forward to meeting you – old friends and new.

This year’s big releases for us are Terraforming Mars: Venus Next, and After the Virus, and we hope you’ll enjoy both.

We will also, as has become a custom of ours, have a beta-tester event in Essen, where we will present and find beta-testers for our next two big games that we hope to release in the coming years. We can’t reveal too much about them until the event, but let’s just say that they have less space and more minis than you are used to from FryxGames…

See you in Essen!

P.s. We’ll also have our other products of course: Space Station, Brawling Barons, Fleets, and Terraforming Mars with Hellas & Elysium and the 4 promo cards.

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Ruling Venus

When the World Government adds more terraforming funds, it also requires a measure of control. Lucky for you, they are ready to make you their governor of Venus! Besides giving you a sizable paycheck, it also allows you to tax e.g. the sulphur exports, an important industry on Venus.

Sulphur Exports Venus Governor

The fast way to get your application approved is to first build a Venus Waystation, making the Governor title free.


Survival lesson #3

A central theme in After the Virus is to save survivors. It is part of many missions, and it is even part of your starting deck!



So how do you go about saving survivors? Well, first you have to find them (play them sideways from your hand) and prepare them (discard 1 card each to raise them to a vertical position). It is often best to do this in advance, because you can’t save cards in hand between turns, and you never know how many cards you can spare when you get Safe House into hand. By saving several Survivors at the same time, you gain both speed and efficiency, but it requires your focus, which can be difficult with all the zombies moving about.
Savings survivors is a tough job, but it gets a lot better if you have a pub to relax at when the job is done. Instead of a whine – whine situation, you get a wine – wine situation… I know, that pun was terrible. Beer with me…
So, what do you do on missions where you don’t need to save survivors? You can still save them! Because when you save survivors, you can, instead of counting them as saved, get cool gear from them. You just ask nicely, and each of them will give you the top card from the area deck as an unprepared card in front of you! They’ll do anything for your protection. Hehe.