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Hunger Games scenario

Even though Wilderness offers endless combinations of landscape tiles, we felt that we could offer even more variety if we added a few rules. So we now proudly present an alternate scenario for Wilderness, the Hunger Games scenario!

In the normal game you place the landscape tiles in a row and discover them as you move along. In this scenario you place 6 random tiles in a circle with the village (supply area) in the middle. (See picture!) The players (2-8) is spread out around the rim of the board and want to get to the center to receives bonuses. This is a last man standing where it’s all about surviving and hurting the other players. Brutal, but fun!
Special rules for this scenario:
– Each time you move into the supply area, draw 2 event cards and 1 random player token (use all 8 tokens). If you draw your own token, draw 1 extra event card. If you draw an opponent’s token, they walk into a trap: roll a die and get as much exhaustion. If you draw a token of a player not used in the game (or a dead player) place the token anywhere on the game board. It will move and attack the same way as the wild animals, but will be inactive this very first Nature’s turn. If the player token is defeated, it is immediately removed from the game. Unlike defeating an animal, you don’t get any hunger back when killing a player token.
– Each time you have been inside the supply area, you must move to the edge of the board before you go to the supply again.
– Fight: If a player enters the same area as another player, a fight occurs, and both players roll 2 dice against each other, just as in the “Fight event card”. During fights, all event cards regarding animal attacks may be played. Opposing players or tokens count as animals.
Good Luck! 🙂
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Game Inspiration Day

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We did! It was one of the largest family gatherings for years, and we arranged a Game Inspiration Day. Since we are a family company, we wanted the input of all family members. Several new games were presented, authored by many different siblings. Then we had a day of game testing and socializing about games and the company’s future. Many thanks to all the participants. Indeed, 2013 will be very intriguing. Right now we have all the options, but we need to prioritize. This is what tonight’s meeting will be about. Have a nice start of 2013!

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Language Boom!

The Wilderness Rulebook is now also available in French and German! This is a great step, since these languages have been requested for quite some time! At the moment, we are also working on several other translations for Space Station and Brawling Barons. All three of our games will be available at the Essen Spiel 2012 game convention. We’ll be in booth 4-415, prepared with Swedish candy to feed anyone who wants to have a look at our games. See you there!

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Wilderness arriving!



At last we get to look upon our printed game. The first pallets of games have arrived to Sweden. Some – or all – of those who have pre-ordered the game via IndieGoGo have received their copies as well. Those who have pre-ordered a “Pick-Up” copy will very soon receive a mail with further information. It is a wonderful feeling to open the box for the first time, exploring the contents and punch out the pieces from the boards. Thank you, all who have supported us in this, we won!

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Arrival of Wilderness delayed

Due to production delays, the Wilderness boardgame will not arrive until late July or early August.

For you who aided us in our IndieGoGo campaign; If you chose Wilderness Pickup Sweden, you will be contacted as soon as the games arrive, and we will set a date and time for the pickup. For all else, the games will be sent directly from the factory to your house.

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Wilderness on IndieGoGo successful!

We are very pleased to announce that our fundraising project on IndieGoGo was successful! 6,600 dollars was raised by people eager to get Wilderness before it appears in stores worldwide. Approximately 110 games have been claimed, for which we are greatly thankful. The last few days of the campaign showed a remarkable boost in funding activity, and the goal was reached in the same day as the project ended. Now we wait for the games to arrive. The scheduled delivery is late june. Thank you all for supporting us!

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New Graphics!

As the time for mass production closes in, we have decided to release some new graphics! The image gallery is updated with new illustrations and new material designed by Daniel Fryxelius, the author of Wilderness! Visit the gallery here!

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Wilderness trailer and mass-production!

We happily announce that Wilderness – A Game of Survival will be massproduced within a few months. We expect it to appear in stores before summer world-wide. This is a huge step for us, and we sincerely hope that our game will entertain thousands.
At the same time, we release the official trailer of the game, which can be seen below;

Wilderness Trailer

As a small company, we take a big risk with this project. Because of this, you have a possibility to do all these things in 1 simple step;
1. Get a copy of Wilderness sent home to you at a discount price
2. Get it BEFORE it appears in stores world-wide
3. Help us with the production
4. Increase the publicity of our project, allowing us to reach more people.

Sounds tempting? By clicking the link below, you will be directed to our project site. If you donate money to our project, you will be rewarded with, for instance, a copy of the game as soon as it is produced (the amount donated to recieve a game is less than the game will cost in stores). At the same time, you aid us economically, reducing the risks for us and securing our future work.
If you cannot help by donating (think of it as a discount pre-order), we will be most thankful if you would spread the word. Share this project on facebook, twitter or any other community as well as with friends and family!

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Space Station FAQ

Space Station developer Jacob Fryxelius has put together a FAQ, which is available here.

It will answer some of the usual questions we get about the game. He also introduces a new optional rule; the market, which will help each player access more cards during the game. It also paves the way for more powerful combos and more specialized Space Stations. This new rule is recommended for all experienced players who feel they sometimes get stuck with nothing to do.

Do you have a question you need answered? We will gladly answer all mails sent to

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Meeting in Linköping

The four founders of FryxGames met up in Linköping, Sweden, for evalutation of these first months as a company. Many topics were discussed, including new game concepts, mass-production of Wilderness and Space Station, distribution of the games and the economical challenges we face as a new company heading straight into the global game market. As a company, we would like to thank you all for the excellent feedback you have given us on the games. A special thank you is directed at every buyer of Space Station and Wilderness; Our further work is made possible by that support!

We all live in different cities in Sweden. If you live near Karlstad, Stockholm, Linköping or Malmö, make sure to throw us a mail and request to try the games (mail:! We would be delighted to show the games and let you enjoy them. And invite your friends! Our main goal is getting our games out there.